Affiliation No : 2133067, School Code : 71410, U-DISE Code : 09670809202


Talent needs guidance, motivation and direction to become a brilliant success story. Oxford Public School seeks to give its students a sound education in the fullest sense of the term, following a curriculum. It has been aimed at the attainment of the highest standard of academic execellence.

In addition to academics, a host of co-curricular activites are also organized every year wherein students are encouraged to participate i.e. Elocution Contest, Debate, Quiz Contest etc.; extra-curricular activities like Carom, Chess, Football Cricket etc. With such activities, the school strives to bring out the best in every child.

We endeavour o create a just social order in the society. The school has been founded on a solid base of ideals, goals and objectives. We firmly believe that each child is born to lead and to enlighten the entire humanity. To cater to the needs of the present day education, and to hone the new generation to be responsible citizen of tomorrow, imparting values using modern techinques of (methodology, software and hardware), suiting the present class of pupils, A veritable communication source of knowledge, the school has left no stone

unturned to realize the goal provide -

  • An integration of experience technology to disseminate learning thoroghly and effectively.
  • A platform for realizing inherent talent and honing it to attain professional flavour.
  • An amalgamation of resources to realize and fulfill the goal envisaged for a better tomorrow.
  • A social commitment that promises to fulfill the requirements of the student community.
  • The kids of the lower classes with individual care, personalized coaching and prepares them in an ideal environment. using the play way methods so that the blooming buds blossom properly.