Affiliation No : 2133067, School Code : 71410, U-DISE Code : 09670809202


The school has six separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Math, Computer & Composite lab. All of them are well equipped with modern Technology apparatus for covering all experiment, cater to the requirement for the coverage of syllabus from std.VI to XII (Science). A well equipped Computer Laboratory is available to make the student computer –confident. It consist of 40 system with well equipped networking facility, internet facilities and all the student including the Faculty members practice in the things using Internet.

Laboratory Rules

  • Do not enter the lab without overall (lab coats).
  • Keep perfect silence in laboratory. It is essential for concentration and successful scientific working.
  • Keep you apparatus, table and note book carefully and clean.
  • Add reagents in proportionate amounts, this is the key to success.
  • Keep the reagents stoppered, do not change the stoppers of the bottle alos do not disturb the arrangement on the shelf, keep the regents at their proper places.
  • Do not shift the bottles from common shelf.
  • Do not throw broken class pieces, match sticks, filter paper etc. in the sink. Throw them in the waste box kept for the purpose.
  • Shake the test tubes while heating. Do not throw hot and concentrated acids, specially conc. sulphuric acid.