(1) Admission will be made on the basis of admission test
(2) Formal admission will be completed only after the application form had been considered by the principal after an entrance test and interview of the child.
(3) A student joining the school for the first tine must produce a satisfactory evidence of his/ her date of birth.
(4) 3+ years is the age of admission in nursery.
(5) The following documents shall have to be furnished at the time of admission on transfer basis for all classes.
(a) Transfer certificate from the school last attended.
(b) Progress report showing the performance in the last examination in the previous school.
(c) The transfer certificate of a student joining from school outside the U.P. state must be counter signed by the educational authorities of the district of the state in which the previous school is situated.
(d) To submit at least two passport size colored photograph.


(1) Parents are expected to enforce regularity and discipline of their wards.
(2) Politeness and courtesy in and conduct should be inculcated as well as cleanliness in dress and person.
(3) No visitors are allowed to see pupils or interview their class teacher during class hours.
(4) Parents are requested not to send for or call away their children during class hours without application except in case of an unforeseen emergency.
(5) Parents must realize to parent teacher meeting is very important and attend their children.
(6) Parents are requested to visit the school at least once in a month to enquire the progress of their children.
(7) Parents must declare honestly if their ward has nay medical of psychological problems.


1-morning assembly Every day all the student will have to gather on the ground for morning assembly followed by P.T. prayer song newspaper reading pledge and national anthem.
2-school uniform:
Boys :
(a) check shirt with pocket on left, full sleeves and tie collar black full pants.
(b) black shoes, black socks,
(c) school tie belt, house badge, I .card.
For winter:-
reddish maroon coloured blazer.
Girls :
(a) white blouse (short sleeves) check red tunic.
(b) black shoes, black socks.
(c) school belt. Tie, house badge, white ribbon I card.
winter :-
reddish maroon color blazer.
3- school timing :
Monday to Saturday
Summer : 8:00A.M. to 12:00 noon
Winter : 9:00A.M. to 02:00p.m.


(1) All fees must be paid by the 15th of respective month as given below. Jul to December regularly in each month.
January February in January march, april in February may, june in march ( before the annual examination)
(2) If fees are not paid by 15thof schedule month a fine of Rs. 15/- will be charged day of the month.
(3) No student will be allowed to appear for examination if all dues are not cleared.
(4) No exception or reduction in fees will be made on account of any holiday or absence for any cause.
(5) Management reserves the right fee at the end of each academic session. All the parents are expected to comply to the decision of the management.
Two terminal examinations are conducted during the academic year April-march
Half yearly examination= October
Annual examination = march
Besides these terminal examinations three unit test are conducted.