Welcome to Oxford Public School

Our Endeavour at Oxford Public School is to provide quality education to children and to train them to become independent and self-reliant. Hence we lay special emphasis an discipline, that is, the discipline and the values that enable children to do what is right, on their own, whether there is any one watching them or not.

Further, we strive to make our children aware of their social and moral obligations; to respect and to care for their fellow human beings and to grow up to become responsible citizens of a secular India.
Principal Message

Oxford Public School believes that an effective educational programme required outstanding teachers. We will strive that our teachers implement a clear and balanced curriculum. The School lays special emphasis on individual attention to the children. In addition the school will arrange field work, excursions and visits to various institutions for the student to enhance their level of understanding. All teaching is designed to develop depth of thought as well as acquisition of knowledge.